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About Products

Scope of work and products:

Product description:

  • Gasoline Engine oil
  • Diesel Engine oil
  • ATF
  • Gear oil SAE 90 -140 - 220
  • Hydraulic oil 37 – 46 - 68
  • Brake fluid dot 3 &DOT 4
  • Wheel bearing grease
  • Plastic cans and bottles
  • Radiator coolants
  • Acid for Batteries
  • Distilled water

In Short time AlHadar group has been strongly and rapidly evolved.

Our management philosophy

We are a family owned and operated business and we have been since founding since 2004,with this mind we have learned to treat / care our customers and employees in the same manner that the owner would like to be treated.

The client’s relationship

We consider our clients as our partners, so our client’s care is our secret of success.

Customer Care

Our customer care quality is our main concern. Customer care is our top priority at development services, to encourage, promote, and recognize excellence service.

What are our staff qualifications?

Our people are highly-qualified, professional, and dedicated to supporting our clients.

What are our strength points?

Our strength is in our excellent quality, unique service for our clients, the innovation thinking of our qualified staff, respecting of government resolutions and the law, discipline in the workplace, respecting competitors, respecting our Society and Our Communities.

What is our training policy?

We have annually professional training plan for our employees including relevant Health & Safety information.

What is our health and safety policy?

ALHADAR GORUP is committed to being a leader in health and safety management. We believe that unique performance in health and safety is essential to a profitable business and our aim is to integrate health and safety into every business process

What are the certificates and license we have?

  • ISO 9001 and 14001
  • API – American Petroleum Institute
  • DAIMLER Mercedes Benz
  • Denison Parker Hydraulics.

What are our complaints procedures?

In order to improve our business ensuring we continue offering the best service. We are dealing positively with customer’s complains.

Dealing with customer objections

Our customer feedback is highly evaluated, customer input can help us better understand for our clients expectations, identify areas that need improvement and provide an opportunity to correct mistakes.

What standards do we operate by?

We are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest work standards and friendly environment.

- Our production capacity is 10000 cartoon and 300 drums per day

- Our daily production is 4000-6000 cartoon and 300 drums 208 liter per day.